Readers Announced for TrueStory on 1/16/14

We are excited to announce the readers for the first TrueStory event of 2014. To start us off this year, we have invited back two favorite readers from our first year, Debora Meltvedt and Brad Branan. We also have Kneece Camp Sasser and special guest joining us from New York City, David Watts Barton.

As usual we will also be hosting an open mic, so be sure to arrive early if you’d like to sign up. We will see you in a few weeks when TrueStory kicks off its 2014 season.

KneeceKneece Camp Sasser is a high school ESL teacher in Sacramento, where she has lived for the past five years. In her ninth year of teaching, she has taught everything from second grade to Travel English for French retirees in Normandy, France. Growing up in Cajun Country, near the bayous of southwestern Louisiana, she developed a deep love of all things French. This Francophile passion eventually lead her to spend two years teaching English in France and traveling the countryside to sample cheese and wine. In her spare time, She enjoys being outdoors, rock climbing with her husband and dog, or just hiking and camping. She also loves curling up by a roaring fire and reading memoirs. She is slowly piecing together the many vignettes that will one day comprise her own memoir.


Brad Branan is a Senior Writer at The Sacramento Bee, where he investigates local government. He has been a reporter since college and also worked at newspapers in Fresno, Tucson and Little Rock. As someone who grew up in Minnesota, he thinks moving to California is one of the best things that’s happened to him — even if the first stop was Fresno. He is working on a book-length memoir with the working title A Family Curse.

Debora  Meltvedt BWDeborah Meltvedt is a Medical Science teacher and Program Director at a small, public high school in Sacramento. She was born and raised in the central valley and is learning to return to her roots through memories of Fresno heat and growing up in the 1970s. She has been published in local journals including the American Literary Review, and Susurrus. She loves running and traveling and spending time with her journalist husband, Rick Kushman and their pirate cat, Anchovy Jack.

DWBDavid Watts Barton is a Sacramento-born writer who moved to New York in 2012 after a long run in Sacramento’s arts and media scene, where he wrote for The Sacramento Bee, was editor-in-chief of, and hosted Insight on Capital Public Radio. Barton won the first Sacramento Arts and Business Council’s Arts Journalist of the Year Award in 2011. Since moving to New York, he has written and performed his one-hour, semi-autobiographical monologue, Underwater: The 100-Year Flood, about Sacramento’s housing collapse. He has written a portion of a book on the history of social media, and hopes to have a publisher in early 2014. Barton launched his music website in November 2013. He is also recording a follow-up to his 1999 album, Straight. He loves New York City and misses Sacramento.

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  1. Saideh Malekafzali
    January 7, 2014 at 12:46 pm

    It is so great to see these wonderful people and great writers sharing their writing with public. I am excited for Kneece and wish all of these individuals best of luck and great years ahead.

    Best wishes for all~

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